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Release date: November 4, 2016 (USA)
Director: Mel Gibson
Box office: 175.3 million USD
Awards: Academy Award for Best Film Editing
Producers: Terry Benedict, Bill Mechanic, David Permut

Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Download Movies Free Full : The true story of Pfc. Desmond T. Doss (Andrew Garfield), who won the Congressional Medal of Honor despite refusing to bear arms during WWII on religious grounds. Doss was drafted and ostracized by fellow soldiers for his pacifist stance but went on to earn respect and adoration for his bravery, selflessness and compassion after he risked his life — without firing a shot — to save 75 men in the Battle of Okinawa.

The film pretends to be a grim reckoning with the horrors of war, but it is also, true to its genre, a rousing celebration of the thrills of battle.Full review

Hacksaw Ridge is a grisly WWII movie that excels as an action/thriller, but has mixed success in realizing its loftier thematic ambitions.Full review

Hacksaw Ridge is riveting cinema. But it’s also bloody—as bloody as we’ve seen on screen for a long, long time. Full review

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